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Our Facilities


Our curriculum integrates ICT policies to enhance the delivery of education. In partnership with Intel Corporation, USA, we have designed a state-of-the-art ICT facility and a supervisory mechanism to help us control the use of ICT facilities for activities beyond the scope of the curriculum.



All our classrooms are conducive for learning with a teacher student  ratio of 1:20

Teachers make use of interactive boards to make learning easier, entertaining and interesting.



Student’s perception of hostels can be termed ‘home away from home’. King David hostel for male students comprises valor, dominion, praise, excellence, vision, and liberty rooms.  Queen Esther hostel for our female students comprises of purity, virtue, heritage, christolite, patience,  grace, favor, and charity rooms.



At STRONG TOWER ACADEMY, a child’s educational journey is not distracted by security concerns. Our facility is fully equipped with well- informed security personnel, certified procedures and equipment to guarantee a safe environment.



Engaging students in practical sessions for science oriented subjects enhance in-depth knowledge and understanding of the topics taught. Our laboratories are well equipped with state- of- the- art apparatuses, chemicals, and other necessary reagents.

Trade and vocational laboratories have functional tools, machineries and equipment as well.



The Library is an integral part of the school environment. It should be sited in a serene place and anything that would constitute noise or distraction must be totally avoided.

Seats in the library should make students and other users comfortable to allow proper assimilation.  Another major barometer to measure a good library is that there should be therein up-to-date textbooks recommended by relevant educational bodies for use in the school curriculum. Various research materials, educative magazines, journals, write ups of learned professions are also expected to be found.

At Strong Tower Academy, our Library meets all parameters.



Aside academic work aimed at mental and intellectual development of students, physical development is also a topmost priority. This is achieved by letting the students engage in various sporting events. Suffice it to say that our sports field measures up to acceptable international standard.



Sound health makes a sound mind. Total well-being of students is a priority. Our clinic is manned by professionally trained matrons registered with relevant health bodies.