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A Visionary’s Note

As an organization charged with the responsibility of preparing young people for life, we are interested in what happens to your child, his/her talent disposition. As an advocate for children, I know that young people are endowed differently.

And as a parent, I am conscious of the task and the absolute duty which the training of a child imposes on the parents- the responsibility involved. Before us lies a twenty- first century challenge: the grooming of the next generation of thinkers and leaders who will pioneer the achievement of tomorrow.

As educators we should not only ensure that young people in our charge score high grades or acquire skills that can facilitate their  paths and  confer status on them, but beyond academy, we must also see to it that the knowledge we seek to bestow is balanced by values that can further advance their self- worth.

As a school, we are investing our energy to nurture and inspire these children and  transform them into great and reliable leaders.

What more do you want from a child?     What else from a school?

STRONG TOWER ACADEMY is not just another great school. It is a platform for developing productive and principle- centered citizens irrespective of race, colour or nationality.

It is a unique school that believes in the nurturing of individual student’s potential, into a viable, fruitful and useful personality.

We have a world class spirit that we kindle in the life of our students which give them confidence to function anywhere in the world.