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What Makes Us Unique


 COPAQ is a body of concerned stakeholders and advisors with passion for education and track records in service to the society. Apart from laying out the rules and offering practical guidance on every aspect of value management, the group is to review and implement best practices in fields of education and conduct workshops on performance enhancement. COPAQ is also responsible for the selection and training of teachers.  With this council in place, we are certain that our productivity and values will continually be a point of reference for educational excellence in Nigeria.



 With their refreshing and practical insights and experiences in forefront roles in school administration, these men and women have what it takes to run and manage a value- driven educational system. In addition with their roles as administrators, they oversee the practical application of COPAQ’s recommendations.


 The extra mile for us, is to instil the virtues of exemplary leadership in our students, building in them the foundation to be effective transformers and leader wherever they find themselves. To do so, we have inculcated into our curriculum, a program on Ethical Standards and Civility, where practical application of godly wisdom and virtues, as found in the Holy writ, are imparted.This will give our students the needed edge for the pursuit of their endeavours.DSCN0127