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Educational Resources

Educational resources provides a list of websites and links to help your child study and make the most use of his/her time:


For English Grammar                                  www.edufind.com/english/grammar

Learn your English Proverbs                   www.syvum.com/proverbs/students.html

Help with Mathematics                               www.mathform.org    and    www.tc.cornel.edu/edu/mathscigateway

General Information                                    www.encyclopedia.com

Helping Children Become Readers        www.ed.gov/parents/academic/reader/index.html

Earth Science                                                  www.kids.earth.nasa.gov/water

Science for Children Real Life                  www.toouniversity.com/free/science-for-kids_a.asp

Business Studies for Children                   www.teachingkidsbusiness.com

Space Study                                                     www.titan.co.nz/amigaak/spaceURLS/spaceURLS.html

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